Our Products

Our top-ranked priority is to offer Best-in-class, market suitable products that are manufactured using scientific and hygienic production practices.

Our product range is a manifestation of 5 attributes we wish to delight our customers with:

  • Consistent quality and taste

    However freshly sourced teas maybe, their agricultural nature makes their taste and quality dependent on nature. This makes the same pack of tea taste different every time you buy it. The same type of pack, the same brand, but the brew could be of a different taste. Hence, we have master tea-tasters and food technologists who taste teas of every season and blend it so tastefully that your tea tastes the same every time you buy it. Consistency in quality and taste is thanks to the palates of these experts!
  • Hygiene

    Our teas are freshly sourced and processed in production units that are mechanised and very hygienic. Due to the hygroscopic nature of tea, the production plant is designed to maintain temperature, humidity and sanitary competency. Given the sensitivity of Premix products and Teabags, we have ensured a no human touch process, such that they are blended, packed and sealed through state-of-the-art machines and opened only by you, to make your favourite cup of tea!
  • Variety

    While we require consistency in the classics, we also love exploring some exciting newcomers. Girnar has expanded its product portfolio from loose teas and coffees to Tea Bags to Pre-mixed Chais. To stop the Chais from going solo, we hooked it up with the right match - Chai Naashta and Instant Food items. With so many flavours to choose from in each category, we’re truly spoiling our customers for choice!
  • Convenience

    Your favourite tea can now be made anytime, anywhere by just adding hot water. Skip the boring brewing wait. Use Tea bags to ‘Dip and Sip’ or use the Premix Chais to ‘Stir and Sip’. Our range of Instant food also made hot water the answer to a famished stomach. All the good things in life just became simpler. Buying these products became simpler too. All of us have those lazy days or no-time-to-breathe days. You can now skip the ride to a store and just buy your favourite products online! (ChaiChai and MY SIGNATURE CUP)
  • Value for money

    We strongly believe that the value of a product is based not only on the minimum purchase price (economical value) but also the efficiency, effectiveness, customer delight and satisfaction associated with the purchase. The purchase experience we’ve designed for our customers reflects this belief.