Girnar Tea is strategically located to source the world's finest teas from two of the most sought after tea growing regions in the world -India and Sri Lanka. This gives us access to the places where we can get the best quality raw materials that are crucial to get the top class teas we aspire for.

Our highly skilled tea buyers attend the weekly sales in all of the tea auctions centers located in the northern & southern part of India to source the best invoices for local and international market requirements. Week after week our tea tasters purchase tea that are suitable for various kinds of blends – be it for the buyers who require the champagne teas from Darjeeling or the tingling bright Assam’s or the malty and succulent Nilgiri's.

While Girnar had a humble beginning in India, it did not take long for our top management to understand the importance of having a strategic presence in our neighboring island nation that is well known for tea -Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka has a variety of teas grown at different elevations. The Low Grown teas produced in Sri Lanka (at an altitude less than 2000 feet from sea level) are known for their superior leaf appearance, the coppery 'infused leaf' and their strong & reddish brewed liquor. This tea is prized for its appearance of 'uniformly black', true to grade and devoid of fiber and extraneous matter. The High Grown (which grows at an altitude of above 4000 feet from sea level), on the other hand are known for their bright color, brisk and aromatic liquors.

Girnar has set up a wholly owned subsidiary - GTL Lanka Pvt. Ltd. (GTL) for the sole purpose of sourcing, blending and packaging the finest Ceylon Teas in Tea bags, Canisters, Cartons, Pouches, Pet Jars etc. Like in India, a team of highly skilled men and women constantly work to provide Girnar's international clientele the best Orthodox Tea blends sourced from the cool mountainous regions of Nuwara Eliya and Kandy to the mid elevation regions of Ratnapura and the low elevation regions such as Galle. Having the required facilities in Sri Lanka, we are capable of supplying its customers the cream of Orthodox manufactured teas.

Be it in India or Sri Lanka, each plant location follows stringent food hygiene practices. We do not depend solely on the manufacturing practices by the individual tea gardens it is sourced from; rather we have gone a step further and have implemented our own ‘Pre-blend’ tea cleaning process. For example, prior to blending the individual estate teas, the teas are cleansed by using different techniques. Firstly, the teas are sent through magnets that pick out any metal particles that may have got picked up during the production process or during packaging at the place of origin. Secondly, an electro static extractor picks out the fibers that may remain hidden in the tea. A third process uses vibrating sifters to separate any uneven leaf that could spoil a blend. This process works in tandem with an overhead dust extractor that removes the finest tea dust particles &fluff with a powerful suction.

Girnar has adopted the Silo Technique Of Tea Blending for CTC type tea, which uses the force of gravity for blending. As for the orthodox leafy type of tea, a manual process is still being used. This is solely done with the intention of handling the longer leaves with the needed greater care. The finely blended teas are sorted and packed into bags, made with material, that comply with the highest food grade standards. Each bulk packed bag is marked with a non-toxic marking to eliminate even the slightest risk of contamination.

The company strictly follows a practice of not permitting third parties to undertake container stuffing. While container fumigation is mandatory in our plants, container stuffing is undertaken only at the factory premises under strict supervision. All processes involving production, packing and storage at each plant location strictly adheres to the quality management system of ISO 9001:2000.

At Girnar, to keep a check on our tea inventory, we follow the ‘Just in Time (JIT)’ approach. The JIT inventory control system has not only proved to be an efficient cost control mechanism but it has also helped tremendously in ensuring the highest quality and freshness of the tea. Our tea buyers analyze market trends, forecast demand and formulate purchasing plans months ahead to optimize the efficiency of the JIT inventory control system.

Taking advantage of our market experience (since 1978) and know-hows of the trade, feel free to contact us for any tea requirement. We will gladly develop your own customized tea blend using any combination of origins, grades &flavors. If you wish, you can select from a number of Tea standards we have already developed for domestic and international markets