Our International Brands

Our two exclusive tea brands, Eternal and Golden Assam, have been a delight for the refined palates of tea connoisseurs worldwide since the 1980s.

Eternal, renowned for its timeless blends and captivating aromas, offers a journey of sensory delight with every sip. From the verdant hills of the UK to the bustling streets of Hong Kong, Eternal has established itself with its premium quality and unwavering commitment to excellence, ensuring a tea experience that is nothing short of perfection.

On the other hand, with its rich heritage and robust flavours, Golden Assam embodies the essence of Assam’s tea culture. From the vibrant markets of the Middle East to the tranquil tea houses of Singapore, Golden Assam is celebrated for its bold character and distinctive taste.

Whether sipped in the cafes of the Czech Republic or savoured in the lavish gatherings of Saudi Arabia, both Eternal and Golden Assam promise a tea-drinking experience that transcends borders and captivates hearts.


Royal brew with a mild brown hue,

The unique flavour of this tea will drive away your all-day blues.

Eternal Tea makes for a very aromatic tea with delicate notes. To appease the senses even more, it has a bright liquor and balanced flavour with an undercurrent of briskness.

It is a brew that undergoes a tasteful selection so that even your everyday Tea is crafted to perfection

Golden Assam

Bold flavour and a dark amber glow Sip on a cup of Assam’s finest,

and you may not find your day slow.

Brisk with malty piquancy and a heady aroma, Golden Assam Tea is a full-bodied cup of this renowned Eastern Himalayan Tea. It makes for an ideal way to kick-start your day.