Production and R&D

Staying ahead of the curve is a challenge. It requires commitment, synergy and forward thinking. While we compare ourselves with the best, going ahead, we want to create the standard other companies set benchmarks of. Our Production and R & D has hence been designed to put our best foot forward.

Behind the scenes

The production process is carried out through our Manufacturing Plants in Umbergaon (Gujarat, India) and Colombo (Sri Lanka) and our Tea Blending units in Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu, India) and Kolkata (West Bengal, India). The teas, made from handpicked leaves of Assam, Darjeeling and the Nilgiris are freshly sourced from tea gardens. They are then tastefully blended by our master Tea-Tasters. Their sensitive palates are the reason your cup of tea tastes the same each time you buy your favourite tea, regardless of the tea season.

For processing and blending, the teas undergo a mechanised process using state of the art machinery imported from Germany and Japan or sourced from renowned Indian machine manufacturers. The plants are ISO 22000, ISO 9001, GMP and Halal certified, which are all internationally accepted standards of hygiene. The units at Coimbatore and Kolkata can house 2000 tons of teas at any given point of time and pride themselves with a blending and packing capacity of over 100 tons each day.

Given the sensitivity of Premix Chais and Teabags, we have ensured a no human touch process, such that they are blended, packed and sealed through state-of-the-art machines and opened only by you, to make your favourite cup of tea! The specially constructed cold rooms for spices, herbs and flavours prevent deterioration of the raw material and exposure to external factors. All of these are steps to ensure strict adherence to food safety regulations.

Our story is incomplete without them

Our R & D team with food technologists shoulders the responsibility of constant reinvention and strict monitoring of product quality in each output cycle. With the R & D unit set within our Corporate Head Office, the management partakes in the nuances of what blooms from this core of creative science. While there is a free-hand of innovative ideation, there is also streamlining via scientific fact-checking.

We hold customer satisfaction in highest priority and thus it is only after all these filters, that we offer you a delightful serving of your favourite food or beverage.


We, at Girnar constantly endeavor to have best in class quality. In order to achieve this we follow world class systems and processes. So, along the way we have got many certifications, which bear a testimony to the fact of our commitment to highest quality levels.

Getting certificates for striving for and attaining highest levels of quality is something which we give a high importance to. This not only enables us follow best practices and maintain high standards but also reposes customers’ faith in our systems and processes.