Our India Story

Let’s begin with one

Chapter one of our domestic story is set in 1993 when we opened our first Girnar Tea shop in Mumbai. We started with an average sale of mere 2 kgs per day. The loose teas blended under the expertise of our tea tasters were sold in an unbranded format at the store. Quality and consistency in taste eventually made our tea an essential component of our customers’ grocery list. Our “Chai No. 1 – Special”, “No. 2 – Gulabi” and “No. 3 – Deluxe Chai” soon became household names.

We opened more stores in the city to reach out to customers in various parts of Mumbai. These popular Chais were branded under the name and style of Girnar to give our teas a reliable and recognisable front. Almost three decades later, we have an extensive product portfolio offered through a well-stitched distribution network across India which extends from the kirana/grocery stores to popular supermarkets/hypermarkets and our 44 privilege stores.

The other touch points we have are via retailers and distributors across cities in India and through our online portals: ChaiChai and MY SIGNATURE CUP. Through every chapter of our story, we have worked tirelessly to delight our customers increasingly.

Touching more lives, one by one

We are very much one of those Indians whose day doesn’t start without tea. We are also one of those who need their cup of tea to taste ‘just right’! And we definitely understand the importance of “My Chai, My Time”.

Our passion for offering world-class teas is driven by this underlying understanding of the typical Indian love for tea. We have aimed to touch the lives of all Tea-lovers, Tea Connoisseurs and Tea novices in our country.

Over the years we’ve seen consumer needs changing at an exponential pace. Matching every step of this roller-coaster ride, we have tried to offer tea lovers a way to enjoy that perfect cup of tea we all love, at least once in the day. If our super-fast lives don’t allow for the old-school brew, we developed Premix Chais that need only hot water and not your entire kitchen crew. When a ride to the store became an unachievable feat, we entered the online medium (ChaiChai and MY SIGNATURE CUP) to ensure you could place an order in a heartbeat. Through all this, we’ve come a long way. And will tirelessly keep going.